GSA plans to open with 300 students in grades K-5 in the fall of 2018, expanding to serve grades K-8 by the fourth year of operation and 600 students by year 5.


The mission of Gateway STEM Academy is to be a K-8 Charter school that prepares a diverse community of students for academic success by providing an enriching and focused learning environment in science, technology, engineering and math. Our goal is to emphasize the use of technology and STEM learning for our students and to maximize individual potential to ensure students reach academic and career success. We will provide a high-quality academic environment in a 21st century school setting which creates and improves student learning, closes the achievement gap and partners directly with students and their families.


The vision is: Educating the children of today to become the global innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

The founders’ vision is to create learning opportunities and bridge the gap for underprivileged students regardless of their socio-economic differences. Our ultimate objective is to produce students who are educated, prepared and who can contribute to American society and become global citizens. GSA will promote educational equity in Minnesota by providing an educational program that: