Greetings Gateway STEM Academy community,

My name is Ed Fellows and I am excited to introduce myself as the GSA principal. There are many things that I would like to share about myself and why I am excited to be your principal.

My experiences as a teacher and principal have included working with diverse families that come from a variety of backgrounds. The climate and culture of GSA values starts with having an open door and building a strong home-school partnership that will allow our kids to thrive at school. The most important teachers a student will have is their own family. I welcome everyone to have ownership as we build GSA to one of the highest performing schools in the state and country. As a father of three daughters and a son, I personally know the importance of school and it is a responsibility that is taken seriously.

Gateway Stem Academy envisions individuals and families are well and living in thriving in communities. Our school vision of educating the children of today to become the global innovators and leaders of tomorrow will be seen in our classrooms every day. While working towards excellence equity and inclusion of all students is a driving force in everything we will be doing at GSA. Our core values will not just be talked about on paper but can be seen in everything we do. I am a results driven person that will do whatever is needed to lead our campus into making our school vision a reality for all students.

In addition to creating high achieving schools, I strongly believe that making sure kids feel safe and valued. Part of creating a great school is also taking the time to create meaningful relationships. Creating a safe place where we take care of people’s social-emotional needs allows our diverse school to impact both the minds and hearts of our community.

I have led schools to achieving academic success. As a Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) school, it is critical that our staff provide an integrated experience that allows our students to not just learn about STEM but to have a student-centered experience that has kids producing authentic work that shows their learning is at high levels of mastery while nurturing a love for reading and maintaining  a focus on literacy that enables students to achieve academic success.

My personal leadership style revolves around servant leadership which means serving my students, staff, and families so our kids can be provided opportunities to be successful contributing adults in our community.

I would like to extend an invitation to all the GSA stakeholders to take time to come meet me and we continue to build a school that takes pride in school. I believe that all students are capable of high academic achievement and success in life.

I am humbled and excited to be the principal of Gateway STEM Academy!


Ed Fellows

Gateway STEM Academy Principal