GSA’s aspiration is to become a school that is a recognized model of success for a diverse population of urban learners. GSA students will have access to rich and extensive educational learning opportunities through inquiry-based, hands-on classroom science, math activities, and engineering initiatives and will use current technology to collect and analyze informative data. The school will provide an environment where students, teachers and families find the Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians in themselves through leadership and advancement in the No Excuse model while utilizing the whole child approach.

Gateway STEM Academy (GSA) primary purpose is to improve all pupils learning and all student achievement, by creating inclusive STEM schools which will help its students build the skills they will need to succeed and excel in high school, college and careers. Quality will be assured by adoption of strategies that have proven successful in other “no excuses” charter schools serving similar demographics, and students’ social needs will be addressed through a whole child approach to education as advocated by ASCD in its Whole Child Initiative. GSA will also address the five additional purposes of charter schools: